Rights & Responsibilities

Patients’ Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time - if you are late you may NOT be able to see the doctor.
  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment. Patients who regularly fail to attend appointments risk being removed from the practice list.
  • Please try not to save up multiple problems for a single appointment.
  • Please only request an urgent appointment when it is necessary.
  • Please see your dentist for dental problems.
  • It Is Important that you do not ignore correspondence such as follow up appointments from the practice as you may be at risk of removal from our practice list.

Patients' Rights

You have a right to expect a high standard of medical care from our practice and we try at all times to provide the very best care possible within the resources available.

Very occasionally a practice/patient relationship breaks down completely. In this situation the patient may to choose to register with another practice. The practice also has the right to remove the patient from the list. This would normally only follow when a warning has failed to remedy the situation and we would give the patient the reason for removal and information on how to register with another practice.